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Trash League Digital Weekend Saturday Snowboarding

Check out the second episode of Trash League's Digital Weekend series, Saturday.

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Little summer fun for all!  Filming is courtesy of Burt "Pasture" Pocock himself as he follows Nicco Scribner around Roseville for a few days. Manuals, bonelesses, slalom course, and man boobies.... what else could you possibly ask for from summer?  Girl boobies, bikinis, and tehnical flip tricks you say!  Tuff luck bud this will do!

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Scott Thompson Snowboarding video gap to down rail

I wanted to dig one out of the archives before we drop a new blog profile on you tomorrow. Check out this classic banger from Scott Thompson, by Scott Thompson, filled with vigilante mayhem.

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Shannon Tara Cooper Naitove Photography NaitovePhoto.com

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have been working on several different projects and have some pretty awesome stuff coming very soon! Here is a sneak peak of a new profile to be launched on the SBSMH blog next week, Babes of New York, featuring @shannontara_ and @jenniferdenali.

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Irrelevant Snowboarding Flick from SBS Media House


We bring to you Irrelevant, a five-part snowboard trilogy of negligible proportions.  Want to watch some ground breaking triple cork phenomenon done over and over again at the biggest contests in the world, or 100-foot backcountry kickers in remote locations across the globe?  If so... you're probably not going to get off to this movie.  Join riders Alex Fuzie, Anton Ryzenkov, Cody "the Shark" Benjamin, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Andrey Trofimov, Burt "Pasture" Pocock, Dan Danzburger, Scott Thompson and more for no rhyme or reason for Lake Tahoe's most heinous season, 2014.


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Another Disappointing edit comprised of hetero and non-hetero being, no peggers and four peggers, cut off head clips and blurry fisheye clips; all documented through the lens of a portable telephone.  Volume 3 filmed in Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT. 

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Chris Na Poli Coast Hawaii Photography


I took a trip to the Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii a couple weeks ago and was super stoked it was actually a clear day. Went trigger happy with my camera.  I've seen some amazing landscape in my life, but the Na Pali Coast tops everything I have seen so far.  Photos were taken from a 60' catamaran during a sunset cruise charted by Holo Holo tours.  I highly recommend the company, by the way.  Open bar, fully catered, and a champagne toast at sunset.  Enjoy! 

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blaine suque edit surfing derek peters

Derek Peters on some recent swells around California.

Directed / Edited
Blaine Suque

Music :
Explosions in the sky
"last known surroundings"

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Take a second to look back on what you’ve done this past week. Maybe you landed a trick you’ve been trying for ages, maybe you finally grew a pair and asked that one girl out, or maybe it’s been a mundane and ordinary week where you feel you’ve accomplished nothing. In that case, I’m sorry; but that’s neither here nor there. Needless to say, I’m sure in your mental flip-book there’s something that stands out and is worthy of acknowledgement. As for me…this week I decided to get off my lazy ass, pick up my camera, and enjoy local places I typically gloss over or take for granted. Fast cars and good company were naturally involved as well......

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skateboarding wet summer dreams evan buzzell sbs media house

A skateboarding short filmed at Truckee Skatepark featuring riding from Burt Pocock, Nico Schribner, Scott Thompson and filmed by Burt Pocock and Evan Buzzell.

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surfing, rain, oc, california, orange, wedge, ca, surf, raw, 5d, video
Inbetween Rain
Wacky Wednesday EP05
NASA San Diego Edit

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