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 What happens when two cripps room together in Tahoe?  A whole lot of nothing... util they get cameras in their hands.  Burt, recovering from a torn ACL, and I, one month after neck surgery, spent the day drinking beers, laughing at falls, cheering for makes, drinking more beer, filming friends, and catching some rays.  Enjoy!

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skateboarding christmas church brendan barry

Riders: Davis Lonergan, Collin Mitchell, John Herrera, Valen Sabin

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Tagged in: skateboarding

Ruben Hubner Put In Work snowboarding video new zealand

When we I lived in New Zealand I met endless numbers of entertaining and interesting people, all of who I enjoyed spending time with, esspecially when it came to snowboarding.  However, there is one individual who stood out amongst the rest and that was Ruben Hubner.  Not only does his snowboarding speak for itself, but this dude will keep you on the edge of your seat whether yout riding the resort, walking down the street or getting a beer at the bar.  He's got one speed.... go big and don't think twice.

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Out to Lunch again in Colorado


Riding: Davis Lonergan, Toga, Max Hofert, Josh Steele, Max Garson, Collin Mitchell, Late Night, JJ Jensen, Max Heird, Sean Flaherty, Ro Navarez, Afghan Dan, Bob Spanbauer, Jim Imbierowicz

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Boreal Opening Weekend Boreal opening weekend with some good friends, seeking the best of times, getting ready for another great season in the Tahoe.

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 How many snowboards or skateboards are thrown in the trash each year?  I've broken countless numbers of snowboards that I have collected over the years.  They would collect in my garage as I would continue to tell myself I'd eventually make something cool out of them.  Maybe a bench?  But I'd never get around to it and just keep adding to my pile of trashed snowboards....  


This summer I had the pleasure of running into local Sacramento artist Julia Kropinova.  She asked me if I had any old or broken snowboards laying around I could give to her.  I must admit I was a little sad to see my collection of worthless snowboards dwindle because I really wanted to make something out of them, but who was I kidding, I would probably never get around to it.  I also underestimated her artistic vision, even though I had been impressed with her paintings, I figured she'd just paint something on the boards and be finished.  I was in for a pleasant surprise.

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OTL-B2Skaters: Davis Lonergan, Dakota Mead-Shikaly

Location: Broomfield

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There is no better time to skate than after the sun sets, temperature cools, crowds disburse and the owls come out.  Search the closet and find yourself a generator, a collection of lights, two cameras and a handful of skateboarders and your ready to capture something cool.  Grab your granny and prepare for some tranny packed skateboarding maneuvers at the Truckee skatepark after hours.


Riders: Keenan Hawkins, Matty Britton, Ryland West, Scott Thompson & Austin Hawkins

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Promo for Out to Luch skateboarding short. Stay tuned.

Skaters: Max Hofert, Sean Flaherty, Bob Spanbauer, Afghan Dan, Davis Lonergan, Collin Mitchell, Mike Marks, Marshall Winter, and many more

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There is no mistaking Big Homies style when he's spotted on his snowboard.  Its not because he's the only 6+ foot snowboarder rocking sweatpants, but because he's got one of the smoothest styles around.  Well okay, and because he wears sweatpants everyday of the year.  Regardless, take a gander at this footy from last Spring at Mammoth.

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